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I will post no more ChaChaisms (unless they're really good, and by good I mean egregious). I took a little break from the orthographically challenged this evening and put together a guide to making bagels. I hope you like it and make some bagels.

Wednesday the temperature soared into the low 60's. I used the thaw to bury some vegetable matter (my compost bin is full, I guess I need a couple of them) and V and I rode our bikes a bit. She needs a bigger bike. That night a spectacular windstorm came through and found the half-dozen weak trees in the neighborhood that were spared in September. Thursday we went on a ravine hike, featuring mud and deer poop, and I made a colossal error in asking Victoria if she wanted to go look in a girls' clothing store.

There was an article in the newspaper about Justice for Girls (no one knows why it's named this) having replaced Limited Too or some such and they were announcing the change with a sale. There is one of these stores very close to us, so I thought we'd see what it was. I hated it as soon as I walked in. It's very Disney Channel. I was ready to leave right away but of course Victoria fell in love with the first thing she laid eyes on. I am not making this up, the rack just inside the door had a stupid lacy green sweater that's only about three inches long below the sleeve. The sleeves are tight--you can only fit them over bare arms. It was marked $28.50 and everything was 40% off, which brings the price to $17+ for a very useless item. I said no, of course, and she's been pining for it ever since.

I just noticed how late it's gotten, I have to get up early, so I will come back and share more exciting details soon. In the meantime, make some bagels.

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