koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Provo needs jammers

Oh dear. I am sick of ChaCha and that is putting it mildly. Yet I am unable to stop due to my congenital predilection to hustle for pennies. In fact, I have added Amazon Mechanical Turk to the mix, which is at least a bit more varied if no more remunerative.

It eats up my online time or you'd be seeing more from me. I'm trying to post now in between queries and it has taken twenty minutes to get this far.

It's not like you're missing much: I repaired my food processor with hot water and packing tape, I made bagels and cookies, I facilitated educational experiences, watched Alvin and the Chipmunks (yes, that would be for the second time), went to a birthday party (with grownups, it was glorious), read some books, and I found a lovely stable at Goodwill (book shopping right now is pretty horrid, not that I would know as I am not book shopping) for Victoria. It looks like this with everything except the fuzzy crapass horses. That's fine, because she has the fabulous horses of my youth, which my parents managed to save lo these many years.

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