koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

How much does mort myre fungus currently sell for on the grand exchange?

Here is the plan. It is good to have a plan, and a good time to make one is while your clothes are drying. Naturally they are clothes you need to execute the plan. The plan is to put everything we are supposed to take:

V clothes (packed)
K clothes (laundering)
games and diversions
guest blankets and pillows
phone and charger
papers: C tuition remission file, lists

...put that in Brian's car before leaving for church. After church, we go to the airport and transfer the stuff to the rental car--Avis this time, hope it runs good. Drive to MD. Tidy up. See J and/or C. Sleep.

Tomorrow morning we pick up a couple of Columbus neighbors at BWI and I will drive them to pick up their inauguration viewing tickets. Senator Voinovich promised them that the Hart SOB would be open all day, I'm sure everything will work out. Then I don't know what they are doing next but I have an appointment with the babysitter. With any luck, the aforementioned J and/or C will come along.

Tuesday I will drop the ticketed two off at the Metro stop, come back and park at the house, and head toward the parade somehow. My pal's band is playing at the Quarryhouse that night. The Quarryhouse is maybe two miles from my house! I'm kinda thinking V wouldn't be into it, though. Or even be allowed into it. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday I shall do battle with two campuses to see what can be done about C's final, ultimate, last, concluding semester. I sincerely hope there is a Wednesday night happening at Ednoria because that is in my plan as well.

Thursday the guest couple have a 7:45 flight out of BWI so we will drop them off on our way to Columbus. We should be back in time for Kung Fu.

What larks! And my laundry sounds like it's done.

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