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When you buy certain items from Amazon you get a surprise prize later on--a magazine subscription. Last year I looked through my choices and couldn't find anything particularly appealing. I ended up with Domino, which is not about games. It's about decorating rooms and its most annoying feature was an insistence upon larding every friggin article with the term "green". My last issue came last month and it had a dining room with eco-friendly reclaimed stumps for chairs. They were stumps, I tell you, $3K stumps. You can't even lean back on them. Anyway, just as that subscription ran out I ordered some other magical something and whee! It was time to pick out another free magazine. My first issue of Cookie, which is not about baking, arrived last week and it looks a lot like Domino except there are kids on every page. Tylenol ads run where Lexus ads used to. It is nice to have a magazine stack for cutting out pictures and I think Cookie will have a better stock of desirable pictures.

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