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I finished up a bunch of odds and ends this week but I still need to seal the basement walls. Another thing I didn't finish was finding the answer to a question about Open Office. If anyone has successfully distributed a database form in 3.0 I would love to hear from you. I thought that would be the solution to a spreadsheet protection problem, but it's not working for me.

I was hoping to pick up some riders to come to the inauguration with me later this month, but Brian has me almost convinced that V and I will end up dismembered somewhere around Zanesville and he'll get stuck with the rental car fee. So I don't know what I'm doing. Until I am actually doing it. The usual.


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Jan. 4th, 2009 08:44 am (UTC)
"Can you hypnotize someone through an email?"

Young people are exposed, mostly through cartoons, some very
Odd beliefs about what can be accomplished by manipulating the
Unconcious through the art of hypnotism.

Amoung these misapprehensions is that hypnotism is a
Rapidly deployed form of mind control. the ability to implant suggestions is
Exagerated to a farcical level.

The reality is less dramatic, while true, the fundemental 
Insight that repetative boring intonations can 
Relax the mind into a state of disconnected wakefullness that
Exposes the subconcious to outside influences, any
Direct or obvious manipulation of this state will fail.

Young adults encounter this state naturally during college lectures,
Occult trances or religious sermons.  the state is 
Utilized quite well for educational or indocrination purposes.

Adepts at the art of hypnotism know that older more 
Rigorously integrated minds are harder to influence, hence the
Explination that hypnotism  will only work on a willing subject.

Subliminal suggestion is a related technique that is 
Less obvious and therefore thought to be far more
Effective at influencing the unconcious 
Ego of the wary and suspicious minds of an adult.  this is why
Product placement by advertisers is widely believes to stimulate a 
Yearning for the products showcased in various video media.

Whatever absurd misuses that popular media has depicted
Hypnotism as being capable of besmirch the legitimate and
Essential uses it has in behavioral control.  treatment of
Nicotine addiction and other compulsive disorders are
Effective in many cases as 
Validated by a number of clinical studies.
Enormous gains have been experianced by some by allowing them to
Regard themselves as adequate in spite of numerous shortcomings.

Years of training are required to become an expert hypnotist;
Often starting with mail order pamphlets will allow you to
Unveil the knowledge if a career in hypnotism is right for you.

Careers in hypnotism, apart from stage magic, are generally
Licensed by the state as a part of the field of psychology.
In those cases the practitioner is held to the same high standards as guidence
Counselors, bar tenders and other forms of therapists.  hypnosis is
Knot a tool to be used for casual entertainment.

Being hyponotized is more than staring at 
A spinning spiral, to be hypnotized requires settling into a state of deep
Relaxation.  an auto-hypnotic state can be achieved by some 
Knowledgable mystics by the repeative chanting of a phrase known as a "mantra".

Likely uses for an auto-hypnotic state 
Include various forms of self help or to foster a false sense of confidence.
Keeping to the achievable is advised, using self hypnosis to fly invites an
Emergency room visit.

An email, based on the foregoing, seems to be inadequate vector for a hypnosis.

Digital transmission of a hypnotic command would require a format that would
Ordinarily be read and re-read until the entire meaning would be 
Gotten by the intended subject.  like a poorly typed and ungramatical forum post.

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