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I had signed up to do announcements at church today under the illusion that maybe ten people would straggle in on the Sunday after Christmas. There was a much healthier crowd than that but nothing awful happened.

V and I went to Home Depot for painting supplies and when we got home she went across the street to play and I brushed the basement walls and vacuumed. I didn't want to start painting and then be interrupted so I didn't start then. The kids came over here and they made a pizza but decided once it was cooked that neither of them care for pizza. They ate a bag of sugar snap peas instead. Then we went with a third kid and her mom to see the lights at the zoo. Victoria was a whiny pill for the second half of the trip but she cheered up on the ride home. The lights were great, by the way, and I will try to go back to see them when she is in a better mood if I have time.

Back at home Victoria ate the pizza and went to bed. I put a bit of paint on the walls downstairs and decided to record this fascinating day on lj. Done!


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Dec. 29th, 2008 05:01 am (UTC)
"How much does UPS charge to ship demons through the mail?"

For non-commercial accounts lesser demons ship at the standard weight charges based on zones.

Minor imps and mischievious spirits often fit one of the "Standard boxes" at a flat rate.

All major demons ship at standard shipping rates, with the oversized, hazardous and residential delivery surcharges.

Commercial demon shipments include an additional fee (typically 10% of the demonic contract payment - contact you corporate sales rep). UPS does not accept souls, only proceeds of soul divestments.

All demons shipped UPS must be properly package. The jar, crystal, phylactery, or amulet imprisoning the demon must have sufficient padding to survive a 4 foot drop onto concrete and the box must be sturdy enough to support 500lbs dead weight stacked on top. Demonic bindings must be double strength (each preferrably originating in two different occult schools), and certified by a religious official of the appropriate order.

Demon Princes and Lords (as well as minor dieties) cannot be shipped UPS, they must be shipped truck frieght.
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