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F911, Folklife Festival, Mall Hell

Another weekend. As soon as Christopher got home to sit with the baby, Jennifer and I drove to Georgetown to see Fahrenheit 9/11. We caught the 1:15am show and got home shortly after 4. I had to get up at 7 to wrap some books in time to drop them at the PO when I went to get the produce. And glorious produce at that! There was a bank statement in my POB with the right box number but someone else's name on it. I walked over to the bank and handed them the unopened envelope. Should I worry about SunTrust? I'm not crazy about them--the minimum balance for free checking is high, but my business account is there and I have about 380 unused checks. Add think about starting to worry about SunTrust to the To Do list. When I got back, we cleaned the house a little and went to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

This festival is always worth visiting. The music is fantastic, I wish I could go every day. This time they had more for kids to do than usual, which was nice for us. Victoria especially liked playing with the little bricks at the tent for the Citadelle in Haiti. We stayed about four hours, which is nowhere near long enough for an adult but a lot to ask of a 2yo. She was losing it on the train ride home. So sorry, fellow passengers.

I was really tired when we got home, but we had new movies to watch so we saw The Triplets of Belleville, which I did not realize was a bicycle movie. An unexpected treat with an excellent soundtrack. Then we watched Big Fish, which was a good story. A really good story, and a story about stories. I love stories. So why wasn't I crazy about this film? I liked it, it was ok. But I didn't just looooove it the way I did Edward Scissorhands or The Nightmare Before Christmas. I probably have to watch it again when I am more lively. Lifelike. Whatever.

Sunday was a day of crappy shopping. Jennifer needed something to wear to a non-interview/kinda-interview thing this week. She wanted to go to Nordstrom and couldn't go alone for some reason. None of her friends wanted to get up at the crack of 10 on a Sunday morning so there we were. Victoria and I lost sight of her and wandered around the mall for a really long time. Finally I decided to call her, but discovered my phone was dead. We went to the parking lot to charge up the phone and learned that Jennifer had been kidnapped by a zealous saleswoman. We raced up to the highest floor and found her in an enormous dressing room with a sofa, end table, lamp, two Japanese prints, and several thousand dollars' worth of clothing. I said, "The purple shirt looks nice." She asked me if it looked $115 nice and I mentioned that Victoria and I had been scouting the mall and could probably lead the way to Sears if she liked. We went there and got a $19 purple shirt that was also nice. Then she wanted to go to DSW, which was nearby, for a pair of shoes.

I had not been to DSW before, but I had heard commercials for it and thought that the D was for Discount. Apparently it is the kind of discount that is taken when ridiculously marked-up stuff is marked down. It was two huge floors of help-yourself shoes mostly priced between $30 and $100. She spent a really long time finding the perfect pair of shoes and then we went home. My original plan was to go to the big playground at Cabin John Park after that but we had spent SIX HOURS shopping and everyone was crabby.

After dinner, Jennifer went to watch the church youth group play (an adaptation of Everything I Know I Learned in Kindergarten, otherwise I would have gone, too) and Christopher was out doing something. Victoria and I cleaned up some more (Brian is due home late tonight), watched the Shrek video, read Frog and Toad Together and she fell asleep fast. I read until Jennifer came home and then we watched the third movie, Hopscotch. Crazy spy highjinx with Walter Matthau, I think Jennifer must have added it to the queue--she fell asleep in the first ten minutes.

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