koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Do mice have bones?

Let me just get this out of the way first: BAHhahaha. Ahem.

Victoria loves her martial arts class and I am glad she likes something I know nothing about (it's good for kids to have their own thing, probably). It's impossible to dislike the teacher, too. He is adorable. He has ten cats. When Victoria asked him how he could take care of ten cats he told her, "with love". Come ON!

But you know there is a problem. I wouldn't waste a ChaCha query on a something made entirely of sweetness and light. Every martial arts class has a type, a classification, a flavor, a system, I don't know what the term is but the one she's in is Kung Fu. Yup. For months I got away with calling it martial arts (when she first started, she called it Marsha Larts) but a few weeks ago Brian was home and I was busy with something so he took her to the class and the cat was out of the bag. You know he's been singing Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting ever since. And of course V now thinks it's a very cool song. Trust me, you do not want EwKFF stuck in your head.

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