koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

how ounces does a blue ejaculate per ejaculation

This weekend Brian hosted an Ohio Sports Spectacular for some friends. They flew in Friday* and didn't stop by the house until just after 3am. I chatted with them for an hour or so before they went to sleep; Victoria and I had to leave at 10 for her guitar lesson and they left for OSU basketball before we returned. They went on to Cincinnati for a football game and everyone dispersed shortly thereafter. So I only saw them for that short period during the wee hours after some carousing but here's the thing: they all looked old. I spent some time looking in a mirror, where any number of gray hairs were springily asserting their property rights on my head. Other than that I didn't appear too dilapidated. I was just surprised by how these guys had aged--I've seen each of them no longer than two years ago and the difference was striking.

*By some miracle the two who were supposed to arrive during Victoria's play had their flight delayed, so Brian didn't have to leave in the middle to pick them up at the airport, thus sparing him my wrath. Like they couldn't take a cab?! Oops, sorry, that was a little leftover wrath there. Now I'm done.

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