koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

What is mercury made of

Today was busy. School all morning, and they yelled at me for under-recording hours. It's hard to motivate myself to jump through this dopey hoop, but it is the price of having "free" curriculum. Then we went to a book fair at Barnes and Noble, where we met up with some people we know and of course much chatting followed. Then martial arts--Victoria's teacher told her he would try to go to her play and she couldn't stop talking about that. He is a really nice guy. By the time that was over, it was getting late but we had to stop at the store for nice breakfast things for Brian's friends who are staying overnight tomorrow. Victoria should have gone straight to bed when we got home, but we had truffles to assemble (never made those before--they were fun). Then she went to bed and I started cleaning house, taking time out to ChaCha here and there. I'm not done but I have to sleep now because tonight I am the backstage shusher, prodder, and costumer and I have to be sharp!

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