koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

How fast is 95 kilometers in mph?

We took a sort of vacation last week. It was made a little more exciting by the flaky performance of our rental car--a Dodge Charger that hates hills as much as my regular car. Halfway through West Virginia it started to shudder and cry ding ding ding. Brian was driving. He asked me to look in the glove compartment. "What does the manual say about a blinking light that looks like a little fish?" Brian has a prescription for glasses but he doesn't wear them. We stopped a couple of times to let it rest, which seemed to help, and once we got close to DC it behaved normally until a week later when it started up again--this time in anticipation of hills to come since we hadn't hit Frederick yet. I am too cheap to try the chairs in the airport that jiggle you by the minute but now I guess I know what I've been missing. It wasn't all that relaxing seeing as how the manual warned about a sudden loss of power. It didn't specifically mention the interior filling with poisonous emissions or the car bursting into flames, but I could read between the lines.

In roughly chronological order: I also attended aramintamd's birthday party, visited the babysitter, cleaned a bunch of stuff, went to the Museums of American History and Natural History in DC and the aquarium in Baltimore (took Brian along for this for some fish identification review), sat in on a geriatric holiday sing-along, visited snewgeese3, visited my parents, visited Brian's parents, planted trees, and had a teensy HS reunion at the World Headquarters of trashpalace.com. Hmm. While it was happening I thought I was pretty busy, although it doesn't look like such a long list now.

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