koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Do you know any good Pokemon pick up lines?

It is cold, freezing cold! I moved the compost bin to the back of the yard (it had been just under the kitchen window, not the ideal spot) and after a brief visit with it today my fingers were so cold that they hurt thawing out. I wore the little rubbery garden gloves, which I conclude have no insulating qualities whatsoever.

We made a horrible, horrible scarecrow to decorate the front yard for Halloween. I had a pair of jeans that I couldn't keep patched, a blue work shirt, and a slightly bent shower curtain rod. In my mind these could be assembled into a jaunty fellow to greet passersby. In reality, he was a paunchy slob who couldn't be troubled to look up, never mind present a cheery mien. It was a pleasure to unstuff him and spread the straw over my flowerbed.

Remember the garden contest Brian and I had going? He was going to throw some plant matter in a pre-existing bed with fingers crossed while I was going to be all Square Foot Garden™y. It ended in a tie. A tie is good, we got some lovely vegetables! But I have some ideas for next year...

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