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Wat does"a sexual" mean? (pronunced aay sexual)

I don't like a lot of noise. Luckily, I lead a pretty quiet life these days. We did go to see a play this afternoon with a lot of loud drumming (it was a folk tale from Mali) and then we--V had her friend É along--went to North Market for ice cream. In theory, North Market is nice. It's a pared-down version of Baltimore's Lexington Market and if I were with only other grownups I think I'd like it. But when don't I have kids along? Never is when. So instead it is a big place where people are easily lost and sounds bounce around like crazy. We got in line for ice cream and a cranky woman installed herself behind me and began complaining about the line. I should have let her in front of us but I couldn't think of a graceful way to offer. I got the girls some ice cream and then V decided she didn't like hers. While we were still ordering, I offered to get her something else but she was paralyzed somehow so I just shuffled everyone outside where I could hear myself think.

But I couldn't. Now V was actively boohooing as melting ice cream ran down her hand. É was stolidly working on hers. We walked to the park, spent a little time on the playground, and then drove home, to the constant accompaniment of weeping V. Once home she cheered up and amused herself until bedtime. Quietly! And now all is still. It's good.

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