koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Obama is not president just so you know. And I said LLAMA

I was hoping to tell you all about the rockin party we had for V over the weekend, but I forgot to take any pictures once the thing started and was depending on Chris to send me his. He's having a bad week, however, so just use your imagination.

We had a haunted house consisting of five dishwasher boxes and a refrigerator box for people to paint. I did not foresee that people would choose to paint the INSIDE of the house but we managed to send everyone home with at least a little paint in their hair. We played the ridiculously dangerous balloon game someone invented last year, also known as Torts for Tots. Then we played it again and again. Finally I called piñata before my luck ran out. Then we had a scavenger hunt that led everyone inside, segued into cake & ice cream, and moved back outside to play Calvinball until parents arrived. We didn't get around to playing the mummy game, which means I won't have to buy toilet paper until June or so.

No more compendia posts from me--I have a backlog of ChaCha queries to use up so it's one topic per post from now on.

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