koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

What is the top 10 worst high school colors in the nation?

I made a zillion orange and black cookies today so that V could take them to her class tomorrow. I hope we make it there! She has a checkup in the morning so I am going to show up early and hope they speed us through. The class isn't over until noon but it's all the way across town in Reynoldsburg. If I can't foist them off on five dozen kids then you know I will eat all zillion cookies myself.

It is cold at night now. I turned on the furnace to try out my new programmable thermostat but it did not perform as expected. I lost the English instructions, so I can either find them online or learn Spanish. Or grab an extra blanket and go to sleep, an option that is appearing more attractive by the second.

Except I want to talk about cookies. This recipe showed up on Meijer's website this week--they are the cookies that are iced half black, half white. I've seen them at Starbucks. I figured it would be more convenient to transport a bunch of cookies than cupcakes and it would be easy to modify them to fit V's strict Halloween color scheme. They were a bit of a drag to make just because icing two halves of a cookie times a zillion is a bit futzy for my sensibilities BUT then I tried one and they are brilliant! They are soft, puffy iced cookies--they taste like flat cupcakes. Ok, I am done talking about cookies. For now.

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