koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


I am so glad to have the one tractable child back home! Last night I tried to get the other two to accompany me on a walk through the neighborhood. I read an Utne article about a convention of psychogeographers (a term which brings to mind one of my favorite oddball books, Yi-Fu Tuan's Dominance and Affection: the making of pets) and one idea struck me as fun: walk through a city with a short pattern of turns to select which streets you travel. I wanted to use the pattern suggested in the article. First left, second right, first right, repeat. Doesn't that sound like some kind of fun? Well, damn it, it sounds fun to me. Chris refused outright. Jennifer made a big production out of accompanying me and then she complained so vociferously the whole time that it was not even the tiniest bit fun. Then when we got home, Christopher wanted me to drive him to the gym and was incredulous when I declined to do so. Anyway, Victoria returned early this morning and I trust that she will be delighted to walk with me however I like.

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