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wats my love hopescoope for cancer

Busy week, not much to show for it. Jennifer and Christopher are coming out next week for Victoria's birthday, so she is very excited. I am, too! The schools had a day off today, so we had an extra kid hanging around. She came with us to Spanish class, then she and V pestered my next-door neighbor all afternoon while he was spreading mulch, and finally we hauled them off to Boo at the Zoo where they ran themselves out.

I skim LJ all week and think I have lots of things to write about. Then when I have time to write, all my ideas seem stale or pale or somehow inadequate. So today I will tell you some more about ChaCha. From what I can see, residents of Utah are disproportionately represented. The population of Utah is less than one percent of the population of the United States. Why are one in six people texting ChaCha from Salt Lake City or Provo? And they want to know the score of the BYU game. Or--this is a big Friday night query--the current score of a high school game in progress. Ok. Or--this is an anytime query--does Tracy like Taylor. What are the biggest boobs in the world. The biggest penis. Average penis size. Erect and non. What is a rusty trombone? Will the world end in 2012? Can you get pregnant with clothes on? Can you send a dirty joke? A racist joke? A Chuck Norris joke? An inspirational quote? Can you rank the main atmospheric gases in the troposphere in order from most abundant to least abundant not including the trace gases? (Actually, that particular one has only appeared once but there are many obvious homework questions that come through.) What are the lyrics to Taylor Swift's Love Story? What does it mean if your penis curves? How do lesbians have sex? And the masturbation questions--dozens and dozens of them and NEVER spelled correctly. Kids these days...

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