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How manny anilist were write

Thus concludes a week of much telephony. I am very popular with the pollsters (chacun à son goût), is one reason, and another is that the semi-annual UMBC tuition screw-up is still not resolved (déjà vu all over again). My dad returned home AMA because he doesn't feel like being in a nursing home (le roi le veut) so my mom has to hire 24/7 helpers, which gets tiring right away. I don't have a very sunny forecast for this arrangement, but I think my job right now is to sit at the other end of the phone and make sympathetic "oh" noises (c'est la vie).

Extratelephonically, I will be shocked and delighted if a single one of the 150+ bulbs I planted recently makes it through the season (écureuils damnés).

Regarding the post title: this was from a couple of weeks ago when the Redskins won a game against the odds. The inquiring mind with a cell phone wished to know how many professionals had predicted this outcome.


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Oct. 11th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
"How manny anilist were write."
Manny has no official last name, but in keeping with the western patriarchy's traditions, fans assign him a last name from his progenitor, Steve Anilist a graphics designer from Norman Nebraska, who created the Manny, Moe & Jack characters for the first Pep Boys store which openned in 1912.

As the original openning of the store pre-dates the common use of the automobile, it was as you might guess, a rather pedestrian "General Store". Long before they gained fames as the automotive chain, The Pep Boys enjoyed a earlier fame as the stars of a local eponymous radio show WNNR (Norman Nebraska Radio). The show featured a trio of young men, who hung out sitting on the porch of a General Store; swapping stories. As you might guess the writers for the radio show created most of the episodes by hanging out at the store and writing notes about the better stories swapped by the store owner and his two talking magpies. And that is how Manny Anilist was written.

The rest of the story...

When the automobile became more popular, and automotive parts started to take up more shelf space, the radio show format changed. Now that ordinary people owned automobiles, it was felt by sponsers the show needed a more vibrant 'don't just sit there attitude'. Consequently the new format was called "Pep Boys On The Road", and consisted of three middle aged men hanging around the general store talking about all the places they would like to go someday.

Ultimately the new format did not work and sponsers dropped the show, after determining that by this time pretty much everybody in Norman knew all of the Pep Boy stories, and that their FCC license didn't permit them a transmitter strong enough to reach anywhere else.

The sudden lack of noteriety and cash from the shows cancellation left the owner of Pep Boys (by this time the magpies had left him and the store to begin new careers with a Hollywood animation studio) hungry for new income. Fortunately for him he shortly thereafter had a chance encounter with Franklin Chisehm, the near-eponymous inventor of the modern "Franchise". After that the spread of the Pep Boys chain and their Fictional mascots Manny, Moe and Jack became as inevitable as history.
Oct. 13th, 2008 02:28 pm (UTC)
Re: "How manny anilist were write."
Something tells me the 130-character limit on responses is going to be the deal-breaker for you as a potential ChaCha guide. That, or the pay.
Oct. 13th, 2008 10:21 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping for a position as staff writer after Disney buys the history channel.
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