koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

How manny anilist were write

Thus concludes a week of much telephony. I am very popular with the pollsters (chacun à son goût), is one reason, and another is that the semi-annual UMBC tuition screw-up is still not resolved (déjà vu all over again). My dad returned home AMA because he doesn't feel like being in a nursing home (le roi le veut) so my mom has to hire 24/7 helpers, which gets tiring right away. I don't have a very sunny forecast for this arrangement, but I think my job right now is to sit at the other end of the phone and make sympathetic "oh" noises (c'est la vie).

Extratelephonically, I will be shocked and delighted if a single one of the 150+ bulbs I planted recently makes it through the season (écureuils damnés).

Regarding the post title: this was from a couple of weeks ago when the Redskins won a game against the odds. The inquiring mind with a cell phone wished to know how many professionals had predicted this outcome.

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