koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

How big was John Handcock (sp) or something?

Nice to have an age that reads the same forwards and backwards, whee! Brian made a dinner that was neither spaghetti nor the chicken and rice thing with mushroom soup, so that was spectacular right there. Then we went to a maize maze and got quite lost. Thoroughly lost. We had to be led out by a helper because it was dark and V was not amused by our predicament. That was a little annoying, since B and I were having fun but I didn't want her to remember my birthday as the night we dragged her bawling through a field of corn. Once we were out there were a lot of fun things for her to play with so she recovered quickly. The next day I planted a bunch of bulbs and then we had our neighborhood hog roast. Today after church V and I took a neighbor kid to see a children's theater production of Charlotte's Web. All very wholesome and whatnot.

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