koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

How do merpeople mate?

The second batch of sourdough starter went down the drain today. Despite a yeast infusion it failed to bubble--I know the yeast is good because I made a perfectly lovely challah today with some. Third time lucky maybe.

Still feeling gloomy about the upcoming election--I have to drive a gauntlet of yard signs now to get out of my neighborhood. One house has signs for both McCain and Obama. If they had put them out by the street I would think they were running some kind of experiment regarding which gets stolen first, but they are both in flowerbeds right in front of the house. The conversations I overhear about it are so stupid they make ChaCha queries seem reasonable. A pair of women in a scrapbooking aisle at JoAnn, they seemed to be a mom and daughter, were talking: they can't put their finger on why Obama isn't trustworthy, but they're sure he's just saying whatever he thinks will get him elected. They don't like McCain either, but that Sarah Palin, she's something. And McCain might die in office, wouldn't that be great? It was at that point I had to peek at them to see what people who could utter such moronic drivel would look like, but they were entirely unremarkable physically.

I like having the art co-op here on Wednesdays. There are a couple of parents who won't participate because we're meeting at a house instead of a library or church or something. Maybe if I do it long enough I will figure out how to organize that sort of deal, but right now it seems like too much stuff to haul and tidy. Then again, if we keep at it long enough maybe we'll attract a grownup who actually knows something about art who wants to take over.

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