koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

How much percent off people smoke weed

I can't believe I am still poking keys for ChaCha. It is a huge waste of time but I did make enough money to cover V's class fees and a Takoma Park stormwater management bill last month. It would be nice to have some Columbus water to manage. I was putting bulbs in today and it was a real chore. I was going to divide the daffodils and daylilies but decided to wait until we get some rain.

Remember my pet sourdough starter? It met a dreadful fate during the power outage--when I was out of town I couldn't refrigerate it and it blossomed into a fetid jar of goop. I started a new batch immediately, but it didn't catch the yeast right away the way my first batch did. Today I admitted defeat and tossed some packaged yeast in.

We got a piano! It's super.

I applied to be a tutor for kids in underperforming schools. We're supposed to start getting assignments in October. It's not a volunteer thing, there are a couple of companies providing this service to conform with the No Child Left Behind provisions. Once I start that, maybe I can lay off the ChaCha--but until I do, I am going to title my posts with outstanding inquiries such as the one above.

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