koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


I mentioned last month that I tried to make some extra money as a ChaCha guide, but quit as soon as I discovered my very distinctive first name was being sent along with every response. Days later, they instituted a new type of worker. As an expeditor, you are supposed to restate queries in an approved form. Ostensibly this is to assist the guides, but it seems as if they might be trying to accumulate a database of common questions for some sort of automatic reply system. I figured I'd try that, since expeditors are invisible to the end users.

It is super dumb work. Very depressing. Slow money - three cents per question and they promise to pay less if you don't meet performance standards once these are established. Dumb questions - my favorite so far is "What is the capital of Africa?" even though I think that person was just goofing around. I figured that since I was up nights anyway I might as well give it a try but I think it is making me cranky. Crankier.

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