koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

rather uninformative update

Last weekend was long and difficult. Then things in Takoma Park started to fall apart. Then things in Delaware actually broke, as in femoral neck fracture. Not to mention the ongoing nervous breakdown V seems to suffer every B-less night, of which there have been about two dozen since the beginning of August. Rounding out the top five is the irritation of having no one to talk to about any grownup topic. Oh yeah, and the presidential campaign bugs me. There are also some smaller issues: the nondelivery of half of our curriculum for school (easy to work around, but annoying), church stuff that puts my social anxiety in the spotlight (unpleasant but whatever), and the (insert growling curse noises) tent zipper I still haven't figured out how to fix. At least murderers aren't dumping stolen cars in front of my house (my former babysitter called the police about this car). Anyway, I am sending good thoughts to those of you who can use them and trust you're all doing the same.

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