koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Here's what I forgot to tell you

Ever since the state fair thing I have been not-posting because my computer hours were being spent answering ridiculous questions. I signed up to be a ChaCha "guide" and while it was not particularly remunerative it was fun. However, I noticed that the format of all answers included your guide's first name and the initial of the surname, an ineffective anonymizing algorithm in my case. I asked ChaCha to make my signature less distinctive, they replied that this was impossible, so my brief guiding career came to a halt. Oh well.

But most of the time I was running Camp Girly-Girl, which featured daily bike-riding and tree-climbing with hourly costume changes. They went to a bunch of playgrounds, two libraries--one to get books and movies, one to attend a program about bugs, they made $19.90 selling lemonade and brownies at the top of their lungs, they nearly froze trying to watch an outdoor movie (we left in the middle), they went to a butterfly place, Sunday School, the diner (which has a tv, to the great relief of a couple of campers), they hosted a Summer Party, they went to a neighbor's cookout, they toured a big gardeny park, they did "crafts", they attended a kids' production of Schoolhouse Rock, they drank all the sample smoothies at the North Market Bubble Tea stand, they spent a day at the kids' museum, and they harvested every red tomato they found every morning. There was a lot more, but it was all in the same vein.

Saturday I divested myself of the spare girls and Sunday we spent getting ready for horse camp, which started this Monday. Oh, and we were also getting ready for ednoria, kugelblitz, and starfyrone, who were stopping by on their way home from GenCon--most fortuitously, as it turned out. My keys disappeared Monday morning and I have yet to find them, dangit, despite two days of looking on and under stuff. Very annoying. But the traveling band dropped Victoria at horse camp Monday morning while I pedaled over to the Subaru dealer and got a new key. Driving Miss V was a huge, extraordinary, very timely favor and we are really grateful. In case anyone is wondering, V loves horse camp.

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