koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Back from Seattle

Don't look at these photos right away unless you are willing to imagine the captions yourself. I had to wade through a ton of bad photos by me, unintelligible photos (could have been anyone's), and dozens of pictures of my sister's television screen (V is now in loooooove with Guitar Hero). I'll add comments when the house is clean.

We went to the zoo with my nephew (he skipped basketball camp for us, he is a sweetie). We went to an arts festival. We played at a cool playground, scored some killer Dell swag (bamboo beach towels), kayaked some lake, tromped around a waterfall, sailed in the Sound, hung around downtown, ate and ate and ate.

We had a rushed connection in LV that proved too tricky for our luggage. We went to a concert at the library tonight, however, and when we got back home it was all waiting for us on the front porch.

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