koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

oh what a beautiful

So far, this morning is PERFECT. It only has a half-hour to go, hope I'm not jinxing myself. Got up in time for church, but Victoria was still sleeping. Her end-of-season tball party was last night and she was hyped up all day and went to bed late. I decided to let her sleep in. Brian had planned to skip church anyway to watch the British Open.

She got up four minutes before we would have to leave, but she wanted to go anyway. I said I couldn't get ready that fast and Brian said, "That's ok, I can take you." Then he stood in the street having a conversation with a neighbor for fifteen minutes before they drove off--I'm not sure they'll end up at church but they're happy somewhere and I'm here all by myself. I weeded and watered everything, harvested a handful of cherry tomatoes and a chubby cucumber, made some coffee, and now I am considering taking my grimy, sweaty self upstairs to shower. Later today there's an open house at the OSU arboretum and after that there's a free concert in Worthington. But it might rain--which would be fabulous, too.

Oh yeah, Sunday newspaper! Whee!

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