koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

fruit flies like a banana

I had a good week but nothing much to report. I made some curtains, we saw Tent Troupe perform, V read to a dog again, we saw a part of one fireworks show, another big show on the fourth, and a pretty spectacular display in the neighbor's yard once we got back home. Even he was surprised by how great they were--he just picked up the most exciting-sounding names for fireworks when he was passing through South Carolina.

Yesterday we went on a garden tour. Victoria was in a foul mood at the beginning, but Merion Village is big on ponds and enough koi will lift your spirits eventually. Also they had ice cream. Later the Ohio National Guard band played a concert near our house and we went to that, too. It didn't hurt that they also had ice cream.

Today was spent getting ready to leave tomorrow. I had put off writing the minutes for a meeting two weeks prior because, I don't know why. I figured I better finish them before I leave town, so that's how I spent the morning. V and B were watching season one disk three of Gilmore Girls when a neighbor stopped by to see if V wanted to hang out with her son at the park for a while. Yay! Somehow it was much easier to bang out those minutes without a 6yo in the house, plus I did all the errand-running that would have taken three hours with my helper in about 45 minutes. We've been eating all the food to leave the fridge bare so for dinner I made rice rolls with everything left over inside. They were little works of art, I swear. I wish I had taken a picture.

I did find out who has been laying eggs on my outside walls and screens: a stinkbug!

V's bag is packed but I still have to put my things together. We leave for Colorado early in the morning so I will get right to that. As soon as I play one more game of Scramble. Stupid facebook.

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