koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Comfest, goodbye guests

I wasn't sure we would make it out of the house yesterday. Everyone was lolling about, the way people on vacation do I guess. I was ok either way, whether we went or didn't but we did manage to roll out around 2pm and I'm glad we got to the festival. It was bigger than I expected, with more fun stuff going on than I would have predicted for a Friday afternoon. The cousins were very into finding souvenirs to buy. They also wanted to see a topless woman and, hooray, they saw three. We had to get back for V's tball game, which was just as exciting as ever, and then they played at the house and they all crashed by 10:30. They were up and out by 9am, next stop Lake Michigan. Here's the good-bye picture. We'll see them again soon, since they'll be in Colorado when we are there next month. (That's why they don't look sadder about leaving, I'm sure.)

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