koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Back from Boston

We tagged along on one of Brian's conventions. We spent Saturday night in New York (Queens) and Sunday morning in Central Park. It was the day of the Puerto Rico Joy Parade or some such thing and that was a lot of fun.

Jennifer met us in Boston on Monday, having taken the train up overnight. We walked the Freedom Trail, which is a red line painted or set in red bricks through the historic sites. You can not get lost following this thing, it is excellent. The Constitution was closed on Monday, but Victoria on a tour of a ship strikes me as a bad idea anyway.

Tuesday we went to the Children's Museum. It's a lot like our (DC) children's museum, kinda aged but fun for little kids. Wednesday we went to the zoo--we had walked everywhere up until then (very walkable town) but we took the subway and a bus to get there. The zoo is geared to little kids, too, so that worked out fine. Thursday morning we went with Jennifer to the train station and then went to the library, which was closed for Bunker Hill Day. What? So then we just walked around the parks and stores all day. There are a lot of parks and stores. On Friday morning we went back to the library and did stuff in their children's room until noon. Now we are home, doing laundry.

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