koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

endless picnic, waterpark, strawberries

Wednesday was the end-of-school picnic hosted by Victoria's teacher. It was at a park on the other side of town and all the kids had fun. I was talking to a couple of families I'd met before (we all have 6yo girls) and as we were cleaning up the picnic stuff, one mom invited us to her house so the kids could continue playing. That worked out ok, but it was a long day for me just sitting around talking about nothing.

The next day we went to Zoombezi Bay, the new water park attached to the Columbus Zoo. I have no water park experience so I don't know how it compares to similar destinations. It seemed pretty nice to me, but a little light on attractions considering the hefty entrance fee. And locker rental was FIVE DOLLARS! Raft rental was NINE! We skipped the raft and I will figure out a way to skip the lockers next time. We left when our sunscreen started to wear off and spent the rest of the day putting the house back together.

Brian got home late on Thursday and accompanied us to the u-pick farm to get more strawberries on Friday morning. I wanted to get some peas, too, but their peas didn't do well this year so no peas for me. Pooh. I also watched an Angelina Ballerina movie. It was horrid, if you must know, but while we watched we ate strawberries like popcorn and that helped somewhat.

Brian had returned red with sunburn and he left early this morning for a week in Phoenix. Bad timing.

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