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I've been away from Columbus and mostly offline since Saturday. Last Saturday. Ouch. Anyway, now that the drought has broken and I am resting in the cool drizzle of drivel I will outline

  • Drove to MD
  • Left Victoria with some cousins for a sleepover (including birthday celebration)
  • Dinner with Brian in Alexandria, so we could arrive fashionably late to...
  • Party with a guy Brian works & golfs with. Pretty awkward for me, but I survived.

  • Woke up in Takoma Park and walked around. Everything is mostly as we left it, except the bike shop is gone.
  • Brian left for North Carolina while I retrieved Victoria.
  • V & I went to Glen Echo for the folk festival. Best face-painting ever! They put out a bunch of watercolor trays, cups of rinse-water, and brushes for DIY fun. V opted for Mondrianesque arm ornamentation while I filled the knee-to-shorts-hem space on my left leg with a lively paisley. We forgot to do our faces.
  • Target in Prince Georges Plaza for shorts, as Victoria only brought one pair.
  • Jennifer drove up and we played a stupid dice game for way too long.

  • Floor guy came to look at the rotting raised floor in my basement room. It was worse than I remembered and I wasn't surprised when he advised ripping it out.
  • Library in Silver Spring to look up directions and read email, had to wait an hour to get on a machine. Picked up a book about making small talk (thinking about Saturday's party), spent the rest of the week amused by the suggestions.
  • Dinner in Reston with Jennifer.

  • Visited snewgeese3, always a treat for me. V liked it, too, except when she was being terrorized by geese.
  • Dinner with my in-laws. Jennifer made the arrangements so all I had to do was show up.

  • Spent the day in Rockville with my former babysitter, who is defending herself against a ridiculous allegation (it's awful for her).
  • Met Christopher at the house for some help moving my huge desk out of the room with the bad floor. We ended up taking it apart to get it out, I can't remember how we got it in there.
  • Ignored the tornado warnings to bring flowers and cake to the babysitter, since she'd just had a birthday.

  • Floor guy came back and removed the spongy mess. Now we have to figure out how to keep that room dry and put it back together.
  • Internet was out at the SS library, so we dropped off our books and continued to White Oak, which was much calmer and had no wait for a computer.
  • Picked up the babysitter and drove to Herndon to meet Jennifer for some putt-putt and dinner. Here I have to say that each one of these bullet points are stories in themselves, but this particular evening is easily a novella. I've said it before but here it is again: I love and fear the babysitter.
  • Victoria stayed for a sleepover in Herndon.

  • The water in Takoma Park had been turned off Thursday (WSSC left notice that it would be) but it still wasn't on when I woke up so I drove to Virginia to shower.
  • Went to the Walters art museum to see the map exhibit. To steal a word from Victoria's vocabulary of praise, this was AWESOME. Adding to the awesomeness was Jennifer's help in keeping Victoria happy so I could enjoy the exhibit. Totally awesome.
  • Christopher picked up Brian at the airport, they called a brother who was working in Baltimore at the time and we all met at Faidley's for crab cakes. Nice!
  • We were driving to Salisbury for the pirate rest stop, but traffic came to a halt when we were still miles away from the bridge. I turned on the radio and discovered that Rte. 50 was closed in both directions in Easton, so we bailed and went to Takoma Park...
  • ...where the water was still off. Bleh. Brian wandered through the house and yard, disapproving of everything I had done with increasing volume. By the time 50 had re-opened, we pretty much hated each other. I was surprised he came with us but maybe he was just seeking a shower and flush toilets at that point.

  • The PIRATE REST STOP! There were just enough glitches to keep things interesting and just enough heat to melt a couple hundred bikers. Great fun and, of course, Nutella.
  • We went to my parents' house in Delaware for dinner and Victoria got to splash around in the pool at their community center. (Jennifer helped out there, too. If you've been keeping track you will have already figured out that Jennifer was the MVP of the week.)
  • Spectacular lightning led us back across the bridge.

  • V & I did the Faerie Festival. A lot of wings were drooping in the heat, but she had a good time.
  • While we were festivating, Brian was setting up a water abatement experiment involving--as so many of these things do--plastic sheeting, duct tape, rocks, logs, bricks, and more duct tape.
  • Drove back to Ohio.

Now I have some catching up to do. And some weeding!

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