koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Oh, I do love my new camera. I think it was relatively inexpensive because it's awfully bulky, but it's super-easy to take great pictures so hooray. Here's a week's worth of stuff, linked to keep things short:

Wednesday was the last soccer game of the season. V shows excellent form both on the field and on the sidelines.

Thursday was sunny. I guess that's why we went to the zoo.

Friday, hmm. We drove to North Carolina. I forgot to take any pictures, oops.

Saturday was all about fiddles and firewood.

Sunday was all gospel music and driving home. I took some pictures but they're dopey.

Monday Chris and Clair stopped by on their cross-country tour. Another highlight was Brian's addition of the "daiquiri" to his bartending repertoire. That could explain the dearth of photos, as I was otherwise engaged.

Today I made up for lost time. I got a picture of my favorite fungus, flower, funkbucket, flying object and (don't click if you aren't a fan of larval Lepidoptera-->) fuzzy thing. And of course, the fleeing pair. Then we straightened up the house, went to book club, ate leftovers ... nothing worthy of photographic documentation.

Until next time!

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