koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

All Good

My fl has been reporting good news all day long, it looks like. Very nice! And I shall continue the trend with my day, my excellent day. Jennifer arrived early enough to listen to our online conference with a Columbus Zoo zoo-keeper and Jack Hanna. That was fun.

Then we drove to Oberlin to see the Chris Jordon photography exhibit, Running the Numbers, which was awesome and horrifying and cool. We just wanted to see the exhibit, and that would have been fine but guess what! The Allen Memorial Art Museum is a fantastic art museum. I was a little sorry we brought Victoria because sans 6yo I could have stayed all day. We did manage a scant couple hours in the museum, then we took a walk around the town and drove home, stopping briefly to look at a war memorial in Pittsfield and give their playground a whirl.

While I fixed dinner, everyone else went to the hardware store. Tomorrow we're building a platform for the rain barrel. A walk after dinner and then I had planned to watch a movie once Victoria went to bed, but everyone else fell asleep then, too. Dang! Tomorrow maybe.


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