koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

In which we pick up a rain barrel

I slept in--WAY in--this morning. We were supposed to go to a snake & turtle show at a park at 10am and I slept right through it. Weird. Fortunately it was repeated at 1:30 so we caught that one. We stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods after that but they were all out of V's size baseball pants in white (white?!). Two doors down, honestly, there is a Sports Authority. We went there and got the pants. As soon as we walked back in the house, Brian said we had to go because our rain barrel was ready. Yippee! Here are some happy new rain barrel owners with the Rain Brothers and their cool dog. I think the dog's name is Hendrix. Victoria thinks the dog is a girl. Brian thinks we could both be right. My, my, my, car trips together do allow for some scintillating conversation.


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