koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Stormy Sunday

The girls got up bright and early and started goofing around right away. At 9:30 we sent É back across the street and we went to church. After church we went to Famous Jack's, where we always go after church when Brian is in town. He like diners, he likes sitting at the counter, and he likes a routine. I'm not so crazy about diners, I prefer a more comfortable perch, but I agree a routine can be good. When he's out of town, however, I skip the diner.

On the way back, I saw a sign for an arts festival in Delaware, so we took an exit and drove through downtown Delaware. Then I spotted a more detailed sign and learned that the festival is next weekend. We continued through town and passed a cemetery. Victoria wanted to look around and the rain was just stopping so we got out and peeked at some old markers and monuments. Then Victoria said she needed to go to the bathroom so we left.

We stopped at The Home Depot for masonry anchors (and their restroom) but as soon as we entered the store we were bustled to the back to wait out a tornado. Ten minutes in the breakroom convinced me that I do not want to work for The Home Depot. Did you know that it is not only DANGEROUS but ILLEGAL to take someone else's prescription medications? Maybe you did, but did you know that if your employee drug test reveals that you have ingested drugs for which you have no prescription that you will be TERMINATED? Good grief. The weather moved on and so did we.

Back at home, V turned into the crankiest monster-child imaginable when her socks of choice turned out to be in the wash. This fit escalated to ridiculous extremes and I was in the process of sending her to her room for a much-needed nap when É showed up. Could V come over to play? I figured those two deserved each other and said ok.

Made pizza dough, called my mom (Jennifer called yesterday to remind me to do this, great idea), made a regular plain pizza and a magnificent asparagus shrimp pizza, talked to Jennifer on the phone, read to V, and then Chris called. He friended me back on Facebook, a hugely sweet gesture diluted not a bit by the fact that I sorta hate Facebook.

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