koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

I am no camera

I thought it would be fun to try a photo thing for a week. It was humbling instead. I hate how dull my days look. I swear I forgot the camera during the interesting parts.

For instance, we went Rain Brother hunting yesterday. We want a rain barrel but they never answer their phone. We found their house and it's a regular rain barrel ranch. Wouldn't you like to see pictures of that? Too bad, my camera was elsewhere. We found Zach yet we didn't leave with a rain barrel because each one is lovingly hand-crafted to your specifications--not exactly, because we specifically wanted a rain barrel tossed in the trunk to take home. ANYway, there's a rain barrel in our future. On the drive home I saw red and white striped tents as we passed OSU. Plant sale! Lots of nice photo opportunities there, too bad the camera was still elsewhere. Then V and I went to a play (where they don't let you take pictures). Catchment, annuals, children's theater--perhaps I did manage to capture the tenor of a week. Oh no! I am boring. In desperation I brought the camera to Meijer and told V to take lots of interesting pictures. She filled up the memory with pictures from the toy aisle. I do love the delete button. If you don't already know what a Mariposa Barbie looks like, I will not be responsible for eliminating that lacuna.

I enjoyed a camera-free day today, weeding, librarying, and ferrying V to a birthday party. She and É are having a sleepover tonight and just now got around to the sleeping part. They ended up in my bed, so I have to decide whether to transfer them or find another spot to sleep. I am leaning toward the latter.

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