koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Answered elsewhere

My answers are here; the list of questions is from skipernicus. I was hurrying (unnecessarily, as it turned out), so I ignored the order to be verbose.

1) What image is on your desktop?
2) Which websites do you visit most?
3) What are you obsessed by?
4) Name one artist/musician/writer that inspires you (pick one or more)?
5) What are you working on now (outside of your journal)?
6) What do you read in bed?
7) Favorite city? Why?
8) To you, what qualifies as a good celebration?
9) If you only had 3 albums of music to take to a desert island, what would they be and why?
10) If you could do anything else with your life, what would it be?
11) What keeps you awake at night?
12) And finally, any famous last words?

Be verbose.

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