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Movie Nights

I have seen 2.1 movies recently and I am going to tell you about them. Brian was home Tuesday night and we all started to watch The Magic Christian. It quickly became too weird and boring for Victoria so we all gave up on it. It's a sixties freak-out commentary on greed and I kinda like the opening sequences but not enough to soldier through the thing again.

I chose it instead of the other movie I had picked up at the same time because it was unrated while Ma Vie en Rose was rated R. Phooey! I watched Ma Vie en Rose while Victoria was at her sleepover and it was adorable. The R must have been for language, but even that wasn't particularly objectionable--especially since V doesn't speak French or read quickly enough for subtitles to be a worry. It's a story about a 7yo boy who dresses like a girl, which causes some problems in his family and neighborhood. The colors are comic-book bright, the characters are not subtly defined, and the scenes jolt along with an awkward feel to the transitions. All of this works perfectly with the sweet story. A winner.

And then, surprise! Another good movie tonight: Brother Bear. I had never heard of this movie, Victoria picked it out and I thought it was another one of the direct-to-video cartoons she adores (we have borrowed Cinderella II: Dreams Come True at least three times) but this was clearly a big ole Disney film that managed to escape my not-exactly-vigilant attention. It's good! The art is lovely, the story is interesting, fun characters (excellent moose brothers), I was impressed. More Phil Collins music--it sounded familiar and I was thinking, "this seems like something I've heard before" when V mentioned that it was the song they played from the Lion King float in the parade at Disneyland. Dang, that was it! Girl's a Disney savant.

Remember my dishwasher? It's washing fine, but it does not drain completely at the end of a cyle. I have to press a "cancel/drain" button that runs a two-minute drain routine. Then I press it again and again. Sometimes five times. The drain tube that runs to the disposal is clear. Yesterday I took out everything above the sump and cleared out some furry things, a little rock, half a hard bean. Not a lot of junk there. Then I put it all back together and was thrilled to see that the thing still works. But it won't drain automatically. The problem with the rest of the moving parts is that they are under the tub. I took off the kickplate and poked around but I fear I am not dexterous enough to unhook everything with the machine in place. I am gathering up the courage to drag it out of its little nook and turn it on its side. Is that what one is supposed to do? Any tips? I found some good clues as to what could be wrong on some appliance repair sites, but no advice so basic as to answer this stupid question.


Mar. 30th, 2008 03:54 am (UTC)
Well, unless it was installed when the house was built (all too possible), the plumber who installed it needed to reach in to make all the water and electrical connections while it was not in it's alcove.
Which means there ought to be enough slack on the tubes and fittings to pull it out. (Most likely exception the drain pipe may have no slack since that would be accessible from under the adjacent sink where it connects to the sink drain) Tipping it on it's side might be asking a bit much. You'll probably have to disconnect it for that.

Also since it hasn't been moved in a long time, and vinyl or nylon hoses (or flexible copper supply lines) may be 'petrified' and while theoretically flexible, may not be in actual fact, in which case they will crack and break when you pull it out. The hoses should be readily replaceable, but you're probably gonna get wet.
Mar. 30th, 2008 04:17 am (UTC)
It's not original. I'd guess it's about seven years old. And I do have the installation instructions (Mrs. Homeowner saved them for me) so following them backwards could be helpful. I'm feeling less tentative now!



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