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random bits of jolly weekend

The weekend was fun. Under the cut are mere
Friday we were scheduled to visit the money exhibit at the Ohio Historical Society. I'd passed this hideous structure many times before and even parked in their lot for the State Fair. It doesn't look like a place you'd go voluntarily. Now I know better, it's great! Victoria buddied up with a couple of girls she'd met earlier and they raced around too fast for me to examine anything carefully, but we'll be back. Back at home I tried to make fish tacos but with no taco shells they were really corn pancakes with fish and so forth. Ravenous hunger made everything alright, plus I served the no-fail coleslaw described in the Saving Dinner cookbooks:
  • cabbage
  • whatever else you like; in this case
    • bell pepper
    • green onions
    • red curry powder
    • black pepper
  • mayonnaise (not too much, don't let it look wet)
  • rice vinegar (until it looks a little wet)

Saturday was the neighborhood egg hunt. I helped kids assemble magnet ladybugs and chicks. Victoria did all the kid stuff and had a great time. Back at home, Brian embarked on a new hobby. When he was storing things from Christopher's room he found a package of mixed-drink flashcards. Saturday was sidecar day. He made a couple of these. I worked on Victoria's latest costume (it's for the pirate rest stop, but it's more of a gypsy thing). Jennifer called and asked if I had started the book she sent (A Thousand Splendid Suns). It had only arrived the day before, but she asked if I could read quickly because she needed it before she went on vacation April 1. Turns out it's a quick read. I enjoyed it, but I thought it would be a bit richer, seeing as it did show up on a bunch of best-of-2007 lists. Anyway, now I can mail it back. Then I hid eggs.

In the morning V recovered a number of eggs and then she sent Brian and me searching for some packages she had hidden (she wrapped up the candy from the previous day's hunt). We left for church a couple of minutes early because everyone is supposed to bring a flower for the Easter service. Brian drove; I think he was expecting to find a flower stand along the road. In Maryland we could do that. There are people--are they in a cult or something?--selling flowers behind big yellow boards with ROSES painted in red. Maybe they haven't made it out to Ohio yet. They weren't along Rte. 23 at least, so I dug out my Giant Eagle card and asked him to stop at the store after we crossed 750. Here's what's weird: he got into the turn lane and then swerved out of it and drove to the Wal-Mart just beyond it. He pulled into the center of their parking lot, stopped, and looked at me. I told him he could go in if he wanted. He said nothing and drove on to church. So we arrived flowerless but there were more than enough flowers to go around so no big deal. Probably some families who have worked through their predatory retail issues anticipated this situation and brought extras. Once we got back home V ran across the street to play with É. After a while they came over here and wreaked havoc until dinner time. I didn't ask but I bet they had egg salad, too. Brian's hobby today yielded stingers, which I thought were pretty awful. Then I added some more lemon and mine was slight less so but still nothing I'd request.

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