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Wednesday a couple of neighbors came by to sit on the new furniture. Since there's no light in that room and since we put all the snacks on the dining room table, everyone except the kids sat in the dining room and we looked over at the new furniture every so often. Yep, it's there all right. The kids didn't sit at all, they ran through the house: Thing One, Thing Two, and a spare.

Victoria and I had a sleepover at the zoo Friday night. They did a lot of fun stuff; I think the best part was walking into the bird room where they keep the performers. The door opened and the birds went nuts, each trying to yell the loudest. V was glad to leave--the noise got to her--but I would have stayed there all night. Instead we slept next to a Water Monitor. He stayed on his side of the glass, we stayed on ours. I was looking forward to hearing the gibbons in the morning but either I missed them or they're not as noisy as the group at the DC zoo.

Saturday Night we watched Little Fugitive. I had never heard of this movie until I picked up the case at the library. It's fascinating, a swell little time machine. Victoria wondered why they didn't put color in it and she commented that she liked the way they used harmonica music throughout. I myself could have lived without the harmonica music.

This morning at church we voted for new trustees. Now I am on the board. I'm excited! Of course, the main board activity is "attend meetings", which is one thing I've enjoyed avoiding during my retirement.

This afternoon we had tickets to see The Magician's Nephew at the children's theater. Since Brian was home he and Victoria went to the play. I rode down with them and strolled around town, which is a nice way to kill an hour. Looking forward to some Spring weather...

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