koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Politicians, ew

Whenever someone spouts off lines like "ethics and integrity are to be the hallmark of my administration" I know something yucky is bound to be revealed. I know this, so why am I surprised that the latest doofus is Eliot Spitzer? Well, this stinks.

New topic. My exciting life: we have a new sofa and two new chairs. Brian invited some neighbors to come over Wednesday night to sit in them, but he invited too many at once. He should have done it in shifts. Now they'll have to take numbers. And they'll have to leave before it gets dark because that room has windows but no lights. No, I will just stock up on batteries and hand out flashlights. Nice to have a planner on the social committee.

Along the same line, I went out alone today to run errands. Brian was home and Victoria didn't feel like accompanying me. When I got back, she had just finished up the last of her invitations to her Spring Party. I guess we're having a Spring Party.

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