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Friday I had to ride to Cambridge with some coworkers for a meeting. On the way back I had them drop me off at the subway so that I could get to the Commerce Building for an eleventh-hour registration for the Breast Cancer 5K for me and Jennifer. There were a lot of people still signing up at 4:30pm the day before the "race".

I don't know how the race part ever goes, it's always a huge non-running crowd wherever we end up. Last year's run was in a torrential downpour that followed three weeks of rain--it was fun. It rained again this year, but not much. Victoria had to come with us, and she didn't feel like walking much. For the final 50 yards, Jennifer ran to the finish line. We didn't find her again until we got home, although we looked for about an hour longer than I would have stayed otherwise. Victoria was ok with it; there were a lot of snacks to eat and trinkets to collect. Thanks, Kaiser Permanente, for the whistles. Really appreciate those whistles.

Then Victoria and I picked up Susan in Laurel and we drove out to a Gail's place in Pennsylvania. Most of her five kids were home, plus a few spares, so Victoria had a good time playing with them (and their stuff). Gail had an invitation to a Tastefully Simple party at 7pm, so we went with her. None of us knew what a Tastefully Simple party is, but we figured it was something where you eat stuff and then are asked to buy stuff. Well, we were right. We didn't buy anything, but I always have fun looking inside strangers' homes. We came back to Gail's, ate her kids' leftover pizza, and headed back home.

Sunday I left with almost no money because I have sort of run out of money. I forgot that Friendship Heights is a Maryland stop, so the $2.40 I was expecting to spend on the subway round-trip was increased by a dollar. Victoria decided that she hated the very nice shuttle that ran from the Geico parking lot to Glen Echo for the festival. She screamed and kicked for the entire ride. I think the best part about that was the woman a couple of rows behind us yelling into her cell phone, "What? Talk louder. I CAN'T HEAR A THING YOU'RE SAYING!" At the park, she wasn't interested in the storytellers or the musicians. She did like playing on the playground. She also insisted that she wanted to ride the carousel. Buying two 75-cent tickets left me with one dime in my pocket. We waited through the line twice for the carousel, but each time she chickened out before the thing started turning. She hollered and thrashed her way back on the shuttle, but then she calmed down and I didn't feel like heading home that instant. We walked around a while, although there wasn't a whole lot of toddler-type fun to be had in that neighborhood just then. I hate using my credit card this way: we stopped at Starbucks and got a coffee and a chocolate milk. We drank outside while watching shoppers. When we finally got home, I was feeling gloomy and sore and sick.

Sure enough, I woke up the next morning with no voice and a headache that extended a little below my knees. I dropped Victoria off at the sitters and went home to drink tea and read Donald Westlake paperbacks. That seemed to do the trick.

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