koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Snow, Movie :||

Yesterday it started to snow while we were at the doctor's office. It didn't stop until late afternoon, so I just shoveled the top of the driveway and the walkway to the front door. Brian was due home late. Victoria and I watched Howl's Moving Castle, which we both loved. It's not a whole lot like the book but it's so fun to watch you will not care.

Brian said the walkway was still cleared when he got home but by the time we woke up everything was covered with snow again. I didn't want to shovel until it stopped falling but that didn't happen until late afternoon again. I didn't want to start that big project just before dark so instead we ate dinner and watched Howl's Moving Castle again, the only differences being that this time Brian watched with us and Victoria punctuated every other scene with the exclamation, "Ooh, I LOVE this part!" Brian picked up the DVD case after the movie was over and looked at it for half a minute. "Aha. Miyazaki. No wonder I couldn't follow it." V & I are much easier to please, movie-wise.

The church emailed to say tomorrow's service is canceled. That gives us all day (except that sprung hour) to shovel and sled. Yippee!

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