koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

I love L.A.

Great trip. Saturday was a long airplane day. Sunday was cold and rainy in the morning--all of Brian's golf people backed out. We took a ride out to the golf place anyway and by the time we returned it was a nice day. Victoria and I played some board games borrowed from the hotel's front desk: Clue (missing directions & dice but we made do) and Candyland. Then we stumbled upon the Oscars on tv and watched the dresses.

Monday AND Tuesday, all day until they shoved us out, Disneyland. Anaheim is walkable. I love that! Walking between the two parks (DL and California Adventure) is easy, too. There was more stuff to do than we could do in two days. Did we have $244 worth of fun? I don't know, I think Victoria had her share at least.

Wednesday we left the fancy hotel and spent the day on Laguna Beach. It was a gorgeous sunny day, the beach is tidy with a cool set of rocky tide pool areas on either end, and there is a busy playground with lots of seats available for grownups. Victoria found kids to play with while Brian and I read the newspaper over and over (we didn't plan to stay so long), taking breaks to scrounge for quarters and feed the parking meter.

People-watching at Laguna Beach was mildly entertaining, mostly cute kids, their hot moms or nannies and the bigger kids playing volleyball and basketball. On Thursday we went to Venice Beach, where the people-watching is serious exercise. It was damp and foggy all day, but the place was hopping. I walked around the town for a while as Victoria played on a playground, then when I got back we rented bikes and rode as far south as we could and then up to the Santa Monica pier. I found a decent bookstore, too, hooray!

Friday was my favorite day. We drove to a hiking place and walked up a hill. It was a big hill and the switchback trail rose very quickly. Each time you'd turn you could look down and the view would be more spectacular than before. And if you turned your head the other way, you'd see a sweet wall-garden growing out of the crumbly rock. It was neat. Plenty of lizards darting about, too, and some hideous flying black bugs that tore hunks out of my shins whenever I stopped in the shade. We had hoped to reach the end of the trail, which was supposed to have the ruins of an abandoned resort, but Victoria was too hot and tired to climb further after a couple of miles (I think we only had another half-mile to go, dangit).

We picked a good day for the hike. Saturday was extremely overcast and cooler. We went to Claremont-McKenna to poke around the grounds and visit Christopher's girlfriend. We watched the end of a track meet and took her and some roommates out to eat fabulous Italian food in the adorable shopping village next to the campus. It was really upscale compared to College Park. I'm used to public schools!

Sunday we were to fly out at 2pm so we had our last touristy hurrah by brunching at the Saddle Ranch Chop House in West Hollywood. Drove down Laurel Canyon Boulevard, sat outside watching the beautiful people, ate way too much.

WAY too much, because the first leg of our flight home was as turbulent as any ride at Disneyland. Bleh! Victoria thought it was a blast. The rest of the trip was less exciting. We got home shortly after midnight and today we shuffled back into our regular routine. Tomorrow I get to be an Ohio voter! Looking forward to it.

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