koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

more traveling

It's easy to not mind the snow and ice when you are trotting off to sunny climes every few weeks. I shoveled snow yesterday, I shoveled ice and snow today, and I just looked out the window and noticed more white stuff had come down. I'll probably have time to shovel again before we leave tomorrow for Anaheim.

Victoria is very, very, very excited about this trip. We have a few days to show ourselves about, then Brian will join us and we'll finish up the week based in Van Nuys. Christopher's girlfriend goes to school nearby, so we're going to pester her one day.

Yesterday was pretty exciting as we went to the park for a talk about raccoons. Heady stuff, I know, but wait! We walked up to the pond to check out the birds and there was a Whistler Swan swimming out there. The swan is huge and this one kept up-ending itself, which was most entertaining. Yes, a giant white feathery butt with big black legs paddling in the air? If that's what it takes to keep us standing in a freezing blind for a half-hour, imagine scaling Mt. Amuse-me all the way up to the precipice that is Disneyland. Goodness.

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