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We went out to Glacier Ridge park to see the lunar eclipse. They had three nice telescopes and nicer-still astronomers helping people look up. Victoria had a hard time seeing through the telescope at first, which she expressed with a whiny panic: "I can't see, it's not working, what is the--WHOA! I see it! That is SO COOL!"

We saw Saturn and imagined we saw a couple of moons (I'm worse than V with a scope of any type, albeit less noisy), we saw Mars and the Orion Nebula. One very patient astronomer with a very bright laser pointer told constellation stories over and over. With so much going on, ninety minutes flies by before you know it. You hardly even notice the cold.


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Feb. 21st, 2008 05:55 am (UTC)
I just wrote this up for our news page, then came here and saw yours:
Tonight (Wednesday) I looked at the lunar eclipse. I could see it getting started out the window of the Community Center while teaching a class. By the time the class was over it was in totality. I walked out of the CC and Rodney Roberts walked out a moment later while I was looking up at it. I pointed it out to him and another fellow came along and mentioned there was a viewing party at Northway fields.

So after I went home and enjoyed the food John had brought back from Chef's Secret (dinner with Stacy there), I dressed warmly and headed out to Northway field. There was a small group of friendly astronomy buffs with impressive telescopes. I got great views not only of the eclipsed moon, but Saturn (saw the rings), Orion nebula, the Pleiades, and Mars. It was lovely.

Feb. 21st, 2008 01:26 pm (UTC)
I thought it was cloudy and didn't look out until almost midnight, when I could just see the end. Rats! Seeing other planets and items too sounds cool.

Does anyone know of a video of some/all of the eclipse? M (age almost 7) was asking about it. I think he will be old enough (depending on the time) to go to an astronomy viewing for the next full in a couple years. But it was perfectly clear last night, doesn't happen often around here.
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