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Gratuitous art link for ya.

shadowcaptain called earlier this morning to let me know that the furnace in the Takoma Park house was not working. I looked up my written-down notes regarding Furnace, Not Working but they didn't help much. Thermostat had power, valve from oil tank was open, fuel tank was not empty. I gave him the number of an emergency repair outfit and he settled in to await their speedy response.

As luck would have it, they weren't all that speedy and the SC doesn't settle all that easily. He decided to post a little photoessay about the great hulking horror that is my furnace. It's a converted coal furnace, by the way, and I think it would be just ducky to convert it further still into a steampunk cubicle hotel and turn it into "the guest room". Anyway, seeing the photos jogged my memory, but only slightly.

When I was tagging along behind the house inspector, this would have been in 1998, I think he said something about a reset button. I told the guys to look for a black button on a green thing and poke it once. They were clever enough to find the blackRED button on the grayBLACK thing et voila! to the great relief of all. I have amended my notes accordingly. Twice.

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