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Brian came home Friday in time to accompany us to a showing of Hoot at the park. Cute, Hoot, just like the book.

Saturday was a gorgeous day so we did a little hiking. That night we all settled in to watch Who Killed the Electric Car?, which failed to capture the interest of Victoria. What is that girl's problem? It was riveting.

Sunday after church B & V went to breakfast while I stayed to discuss the sermon. I thought it would be great. The topic was "the half-life of sin". The minister prepares fantastic sermons as a rule and I'd never been to one of these discussions. I assumed they would be just as interesting, but no. Somehow they managed to talk about in-laws, birthday cards, and cats more than anything else. I'll try again next month, maybe. After that, we left Brian at the airport and came home to start all sorts of organizing-type projects. One of us did, that is. The other spent the afternoon making valentines. They are all over, huge drifts of cordate paper in every corner.

This morning I called a woman about her craigslist posting for a 1/4-size violin. It was supposed to be like new in a case. I drove to her house and the violin's nothing like new. I probably should have haggled a bit but I felt kind of bad for her in her cramped, dark apartment with two doughy adolescents blinking stolidly from the couch. Also, I felt kind of bad for me in that same place and wanted to leave. Victoria fell in love with the violin immediately, so I knew it was coming with us. We stopped at a music store on the way home and got a couple of new strings. Now we just need to find group lessons.

I also called the dentist, the Maryland dentist who did the kids' braces, because my former babysitter asked me to ask him if he'd mind being shadowed by her daughter. He'd be delighted. So then I had to call her to let her know it was ok. That's a lot of phone calls for a person who hates telephones.

We also went to two libraries and Target. I wanted to get a pot rack but I ended up with a bookcase. I still think I could use a pot rack.

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