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I saw a movie! In a theater! We were all planning to see this documentary about sharks but our little sharkophile's friend from across the street came over to play at 4pm and the movie started at 5. Brian gamely offered to stay home with them and I went alone to watch Sharkwater.

It won a bunch of film festival awards last year, apparently, and it is a beautiful movie. All of the underwater photography is stunning, the music is interesting, and the story about sharks being endangered should be a gripping one. Sadly, some of the impact was lost since the filmmaker insisted upon inserting himself into the story at every point. Some of the time wasted watching wonderRob gliding about in his Speedo could have been spent elaborating on the figure dropped without anything close to satisfactory citation: 90% of the world's shark population has been slaughtered. It was a "some scientists estimate..." moment, which I hate, but I could hear the half-dozen jaws dropping around the theater along with my own (yeah, Superbowl Sunday is not a big movie night maybe). More science and some judicious editing and this could be a fantastic documentary. As it is, it was still well worth the five bucks I paid to see it.

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