koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Sunshine, yay!

Bad news first. The library emailed me an overdue notice while I was staying at a fancy hotel, so I didn't get it until it was too late to renew. This book is overdue because I started it, hated it, and set it aside. Now I'm going to have to pay a fine, bleh. That's the only bad news!

Here in SoCal all is sunny and warm. Sunday we scrambled about Joshua Tree and drove to Indian Wells to check into the aforementioned fancy hotel. Monday we spent at the hotel pools, where I managed to put a hole in my bathing suit. Schoolwork required some lion reading, so we went to the library in Rancho Mirage. Tuesday we went to the children's museum. I had planned to spend a couple of hours there and then drive back to Joshua Tree but Victoria stayed at the museum for almost six hours so we went to the playground behind a YMCA instead and then went back to the hotel for some TV. Today Brian's conference was finishing by noon so Victoria and I went back to the library to do some schoolwork. We didn't get far before she had a weird meltdown so I left. By the time I got to the La Quinta library she was ready to resume. After that, we played in the park behind the library and then we went back to pick up Brian and drive to Pasadena.

I was sorry to leave the desert because I really didn't get enough desert-visiting done but that's life. At least here Brian is on vacation, too, which always makes things interesting. And the internet is free again!

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